Acknowledgement of Traditional Territory:

The land and water we travel through, camp upon, paddle in, swim in, drink from, eat from, and love dearly are the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Cree people. Our base location on the Black River in Georgina is on the traditional territory of the Chippawas of Georgina Island First Nation.

We also acknowledge that the canoe is a vessel of Indigenous design. The canoe is so beautifully suited to this landscape because it is OF this landscape and because of the experience, insight, creativity and knowledges of indigenous people.

Settler behavior has caused and continues to cause much harm to Indigenous people, and the land. As settlers, specifically White women of pre-dominantly western European descent, we must and do name our social location in the complex, tangled-up web of colonial legacy. We are committed to deepening our responsibility and responsiveness -  socially and ecologically - and we are wide open to conversation, suggestions, ideas, and partnerships that will be helpful. Helpfulness will come in many forms - some of which have been articulated in proclamations such as the Truth and Reconciliation Agreement, some of which are spoken to loved ones and listening ears, some of which still need to be imagined, all of which need to be amplified.

We are also committed to having a great profound time with everyone.  We’re really excited about this boat, the places we can all go and people we’ll meet.  We are mom and daughter and this project is a project in its true sense: a projection of our spirits, our will, and a shared vision.   Join us whenever you can – let’s share the good life on the water!


Kim Sedore - Big Canoe Leader (Paddle Canada), NLS Waterfront (Lifesaving Society), Standard First Aid and CPR C. WFR and SWRT to be re-certified. Academics: B.A.(Hons.), M.A. History and Philosophy of Religion, MSW (Candidate)

Kim,  up on the French River. Photo: Danny Simmons

Kim,  up on the French River. Photo: Danny Simmons

Kim loves padding - everything from an evening paddle to a summer-long trip, which is why she's doing this. She loves it way more that writing bios on a computer, trying to think of what to say about herself in the third person. But she does also like writing. Very much. More on paper, though. Poems. Short essays. Songs, too.

Leslie Sedore - Experienced, cautious, and a natural guide. Academics: B.Comm., M.Div

Leslie at home on the Black River, Georgina, Ontario. Photo: Kim Sedore

Leslie at home on the Black River, Georgina, Ontario. Photo: Kim Sedore

Leslie has been paddling for 46 years.  For the past 25 years, Leslie has been planning, guiding, and debriefing canoe trips for groups, young and old.  The French River, Killarney, Algonquin Park, the Leslie Frost region and the Rideau Canal are all familiar routes.  Leslie is a United Church minister and lives on the water on the Black River near Jackson's Point, Ontario.  Leslie combines her love for nature and her reverence for the wild in her conversations on spirituality.  She is an artisan weaver at her studio, River’s Edge Studio.  Leslie is a positive enthusiast helping others discover and celebrate joy, beauty, and the creative pulse of life.

Both Kim and Leslie are committed to holding a high standard in risk management and, if need be, wilderness first aid. 


Paddle Canada Big Canoe Leader II

National Lifeguarding Service (NLS)

White Water Rescue Technician Level I

ORCA Canoe Tripping Level III

Wilderness First Aid and CPR