Concerning Monies: Deposits, payments, refunds, and non-refundables

A deposit of $250 must be paid upon enrollment.

Participants agree to pay in full before the trip and/or event.

Anyone signing-up after July 1st will pay the full amount for their trip at the time of enrollment.

Any cancellation of enrollment must be in writing. Emails are accepted. The Outfitter reserves the right to cancel enrollment if fees are not paid in full 1 month prior to the trip and/or event start date. No refunds shall be made except strictly as follows:

a) If enrollment is cancelled two months and a half before the event start date (June 1, 2016 for Dip, Dip, and Sing), the fee deposit less a $100 administration fee will be refunded;

b) if enrollment is cancelled after two months and half, but before one month, of the event start date (after June 1, 2016 but before July 23, 2016 for Dip, Dip, and Sing) the fee deposit will not be refunded but all other fees then paid will be refunded; and

c) if enrollment is cancelled for any reason after a month prior to the event start date (July 23, 2016 for Dip, Dip, and Sing), no amount will be refunded and any unpaid part of the full fee shall be payable.